Mayfield Was Informed Of Substance, Black Says

As if you’re not sick enough of hearing the back and forth between Jeremy Mayfield and NASCAR officials, David Black, the doctor who runs the lab that conducts NASCAR testing said that he had a discussion with Mayfield about the banned substance he tested positive for.

Black said:

I spoke with him about his positive test result on the day he was suspended, and I spoke to him directly about the test result. … Yes, by name of what he tested positive for.

This is contrary to remarks Mayfield made at the All Star race.

Mayfield, then, said:

They didn’t say what I took. They don’t know what I took. A legal prescription drug, that’s what I take. And I had allergies at Richmond that were really, really bad. On [May 7] I got a call and said you’ve tested positive for whatever they called it. I said, ‘OK, no problem. I’ve got all my paperwork ready.’ He said ‘You’ll fax that to us; it’ll cancel out your test.’

Maury Brown, of the Business of Sports Network is calling for NASCAR to makes its drug policy more transparent. He writes:

If NASCAR wants to be considered an equal of the Big-4 sports leagues, it needs to follow their leads and simply make the substances they are testing for well published. If they want to go a step further…publish a certified nutritional supplements list – a list that certifies that PEDs are not within the supplements due to contamination in the mixing process, and has proper controls to prevent false positives.

I can’t say I disagree. While I understand not wanting to make Mayfield’s test results public, I think NASCAR should at least make its list public.

The only reason I think they may be hesitant is because it somehow might affect potential sponsors if their products appear on the list.


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